• Venous compression is an essential component in the venous ulcer healing process.
    • The BIFLEX KIT can be left in place on the leg day and night, for a maximum of 7 days.
    • At the start of treatment, it should be changed and/or repositioned at each local dressing change, i.e. as often as required by the exudate level, or whenever the limb volume changes (oedema).
    • The bandages are washable and reusable.
    • It is recommended that treatment be continued until the venous ulcer has healed completely.
    • The continued use of a compression device (stockings or bandages) after healing is recommended to prevent recurrences.
  • Bandage No. 1:

    • Compression bandage to provide support and protect the skin
    • Short-stretch elastic bandage (stretch of between 10 and 100%)
    • Latex-free (polyester microfibre + viscose + elastane)

    Bandage No. 1 protects the skin and bony prominences and supports the limb.

    Bandage No. 2:

    • Compression bandage
    • Short-stretch elastic bandage (maximum stretch of between 10 and 100%)
    • Latex-free (viscose - polyester - polyamide - elastane)

    Bandage No. 2 provides the level of pressure required for treatment of the venous ulcer.

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