Relieves your pain with natural clay. 

Convenient, easy to use, reusable and malleable clay easily moulds to body’s anatomy. 

Washable protective sleeve with elastic strap to keep pack in place. 


For back pain, joints stiffness, muscles stiffness, contractures, cramps, neck pain, abdominal pain. 

  • Relieves pain and reduces muscle spasms. 
  • Relaxes muscles effectively and facilitates movement. 
  • Accelerates healing by stimulating blood flow to affected areas. 


For sprains, tendinitis, tooth ache, bruises, strains, migraines, eye pain, arthritis. 

  • Decreases the temperature of the tissues which reduces pain and muscle spasms. 
  • Slows swelling and bleeding by reducing blood circulation. 
  • Slows the cells metabolism, which limits the risk of cells death after injury. 
  • Reduces inflammation, hematoma and oedema. 

Size recommended (mm) 

  • Size 1 KIDS Wrist Elbow Face 190 x 110. 
  • Size 2 Ankle Elbow Knee 260 x 130. 
  • Size 3 Knee Back Abdomen 300 x 200. 
  • Size 4 Neck Shoulder Back 430 x 170. 
  • Size 5 Back Abdomen Knee 350 x 250.

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Argicalm size 3 - Reusable Thermic Clay Pack

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