FIZIC has experience in designing prosthesis for any amputation level (foot, leg, hip, arm, shoulder, fingers, etc.) and any level of technology from basic to advance. 

The price of your prosthesis will depend on the level of the amputation, the functionality you desire (basic, sport, swimming, etc), the origin of the components (Western made or else) and the technology you choose (carbon, titanium, polypropylene). Come to us to discuss all these options and we will provide you with detailed quotation(s) for you to decide. 

The quality of our service does not depend on the options you choose. We will give the same attention for those who can afford only the cheapest prosthesis than for those choosing expensive components and advance technology. 

Our service always includes the training in our premises for using the prosthesis. This period can last up to 3 weeks for the most complexe cases receiving their first prosthesis. 

We apply supplier warranty and we do not charge for adjustments and maintenance unless a component has to be changed due to overuse or significant change in the volume of the extremity. 

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