The Streeter Vermeiren was developed to make it easier to learn and relearn to walk.

The anti-reverse wheel system prevents the Streeter from rolling back and encourages the user to move forward.

The Vermeiren Streeter was designed to ease the learning and relearning of walking. The locking system on the rear wheels will prevent the Streeter from moving backwards and will encourage the user to move forward.

The system is fully reversible so that your Streeter can be used in both directions. The aluminium frame is fully collapsible which makes it excellent for transport and storage. 4 different colors represent the 4 different sizes:

- Size Mini or Small comes in Red color. 

- Size Medium comes in Beige color.

- Size Large comes in Dark green color.

- Soze Extra Large comes in Dark Blue color.

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Streeter Green Color size L

  • Brand: Vermeiren
  • Product Code: 8001418
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $282.40